I don't give 5 stars lightly. Lets start with the little negative. Went on Saturday 5 min before they close at noon. People were rolling in, try another hour and close at 1PM. They try to go empty so the choices were slim and the price was $8 for 6 with a couple being special. Ok the blueberry with cream cheese was the best I ever had. The high price went out the window with the first bite as it melted in my mouth. If you have no self control stay away. I would have to move if I lived next door. Thank goodness they are closed when I am in the area or I would weigh 300 lbs after a year. Keep up the good work :0.

Russell Smith

We got there later than when we should have so the variety wasn't what it normally is. None the less, it was worth the trip! The donuts were huge and delicious, the breakfast sandwiches the same. Prices were comparable to chains despite daylight having the supremely superior quality. Go get yourself some food from this place!

Otto Isenberg

We found this place while visiting family in the area. The shop was easy to find, and had plenty of parking. Inside, the aroma of fresh donuts fills the air. The staff is friendly and knowledgable about the donuts. Speaking of donuts, there is an abundance of choices, ranging from the classics to new and inventive flavors. We got a selection, and there was not a bad donut in the batch. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for quality donuts.

Rob Jaspersohn

I'm mad at myself for just stopping here for the first time today. Not big on sweets. But something had me craving something sweet this morning. I pass this place every morning on my way to work so today I stopped. I had a croissant donut and it was absolutely delicious. Coffee was fabulous too. Everything looked homemade and equally delicious. Will definitely be stopping here more frequently.

Chris Kaczor

I was running late for work, and we were having a bring a sweet treat for The upcoming Valentine's Holiday, so I stopped in and picked up a dozen, the ladies were very warm and welcoming. I just have to say the donuts were loved, not one was left, and it was a large variety of sweets. My Manager wanted to know all about your business, location, hours and flavors. Thank you Daylight D.

Layla Laville

These are excellent donuts! I bought a dozen today of a mix of all varieties. I was looking for an alternative to dunkin donuts. DD is awful in comparison. Keep up the great job. These are what donuts are supposed to be...melt in your mouth fabulous! I live in Hillcrest and would welcome your perfect, tasty, luscious product closer to where I live! Keep that in mind when you expand!

mitch brenner

First time ever coming here and ohmugieh was I impressed. I got an apple donut and it was literally the best donut I've ever eaten.

Dominique Gulick

Shark Week donuts were awesome!!!! Please do more theme weeks!

Tom Henderson

Unique donuts. Nice to support a local business.

Michael Leahey